Keep your personal belongings "High & Dry" with the new SeaHead Waterproof ClikPack! When submerged, the ClikPack will maintain its watertight capabilities even at depths of up to 85 feet! The ClikPack is also easy to use and will last a lifetime because it is made with a high density polymer similar to products made in the medical and military fields.

Finally! - A waterproof pack that can store and protect more than just a cell phone! You can either stow away the ClikPack or wear it comfortably as a waterproof fanny pack utilizing the nylon belt that is included with each pack. Sizing down the nylon belt also allows you to attach or hang the pack anywhere you like.

So try out the SeaHead Waterproof ClikPack today! - And keep the Water, Sun, Sand, Salt, Rain and Snow from ruining your valuable belongings.

  • Diving
  • Running
  • Cruising
  • Beach & Waterparks
  • Hunting
  • Water Sports
  • Boating
  • Biking
  • Camping & Scouting
  • Fishing